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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Where do babies come from?


Don't you pay attention when you're proofreading those health books and other interesting information? It's a proven fact that babies come from storks! The sooner you're able to get that idea worked out, the better off you'll be. SMILE! *HUGS*
Gee Bruce, I really don't know. Can you please share the info?
Think I'd ask if I had the answers?


For a fuller explanation of the stork, check out the pierce anthony "xanth" books.
The first is, "A spell for chameleon," or at least I think that's the first.
The stork brings'em. Donchya know anythin'?
Babies are delicious hallucinations brought on by over-indulging in Pixie Dust.
Babies come from all over the world, just like their parents, n'est-ce pas?