Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Starting the Day Off Right

I'm not going to say that everything went wrong, nobody can say
that, and some things did go right. But a lot of things did go wrong.

First of all I woke up just before two and couldn't fall back to sleep.
I finally got to bed just after four, and spent the rest of the night
dreaming that I couldn't fall asleep.

I woke up and, as per tradition, called Caroline and talked to her for a
few minutes. That was pleasant as always. Then I almost didn't find my
Coke money, but I did find it just in time. I got to work this morning,
got Coke from the pop machine upstairs, and proceeded to put it in my
little cooler. One of the cans fell out, and onto the floor, bursting.

So that's been my fun-filled morning. I could really do with something
very good happening today. I'm trying to ignore this monitor in front of
me and the dual slaps in the face it represents to me. I feel very
unloved at the moment. I know I'm not, I know that there are those worse
off than me, but this is how I'm feeling and that's all there is to it.
Tags: caroline, rant, update

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