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Bruce, Caroline

One Final Appeal

This may well indeed be my final appeal. I am in extremely, extremely
grave danger of being voted off of LJ Idol. This will very likely come
down to just one vote, so every single vote counts. If I were in the
other group, I would be sitting pretty with the number of votes I've so
far garnered. But I'm not, so I'm not. If you vote in LJ Idol on a
regular basis and haven't voted for me, please, please consider doing
so. If you don't typically vote in LJ Idol, please go to this link and vote for me. I truly want to thank all those who
have already done this, your help is appreciated. This week's topic was
absolutely horrible, it was a very difficult topic to write on. Please,
you have until 1:00 PM Eastern, but don't wait until the last minute. I
don't grovel often, but I'm groveling now. Anyone with an LJ can vote,
you don't have to sign up to anything, just go to this link and vote, please! And of grovel.


You got one of my votes when I voted yesterday. I know hhow you feel. I haven't had the guts to look at the polls today, but I think I'm in a similar position.
Actually, you're doing not too badly. You and I are close, but you're a little ahead of me. I voted for you as well. Thank you for your vote.