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Bruce, Caroline

Trying to be Comfortable

I'm trying to find the most comfortable way to do my job. My favorite
way of reading is to put the book on my chest, sideways, and read
top-to-bottom, because that's the natural hand motion, and since I read
with one hand only, this makes sense to me. I've taken to this same
philosophy when reading with a Pac Mate. The most comfortable way to
read is in an easy chair in the living room, with my Pac Mate sideways,
reading top-to-bottom.

But I'm here in the office. Not an easychair in sight, not even a Pac
Mate, as mine's on its way to Florida.Did I ever tell you how much I
LOVE UPS, by the way? So I'm trying to find as comfortable a way as I
can to proofread.


IF I'm reading on a desk or table, I go left to right. But I used to do so much reading standing up waiting for this or that, I got used to reading on my chest. And you won't tell me that left-to-right across your chest comes naturally. The natural hand motion, if you let your arm go the way it wants to go is, as you say, from chin to belly button.
hhhm never thought of it that way. I am left handed though so would have to read upside down