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Bruce, Caroline

Might as Well Get it Over With

With an hour and a half left before the polls close, I am in second-last
place in my group. Since they remove the bottom two people, that means
unless things change, and they show no signs of doing so, I'm out.

So what have I learned? I've learned that competition is a two-edged
sword. I had a rivalry going with the increasingly-lovely kittytech. It was a lot of fun to have that rivalry until, oh, the
middle of last week or so. Then it occurred to me that it was
conceivable that both she and I might wind up in the same tribe and in a
tie, forcing a runoff. I tried imagining being in a one-on-one race with
her, and I couldn't do it, I couldn't imagine it, I couldn't picture it,
and I knew I'd hate myself if I were to beat her in a situation like
that (no guarantee that this would happen, of course, but anything's
possible). So I decided, then and there, that should a situation like
that ever arise, I would immediately conceed.

I also learned again just how fun writing can be. The LJ Idol
competition allowed me to exercise my creativity. I always tried to put
a little twist on the given topic, to write it just a little differently
than was expected. I suppose it worked to a point. I did make it this
far. Not one of the power-house vote-gainers, not by a long shot, but I
came out all right. It's been a lot of fun, I've enjoyed myself
immensely. To those of you who did vote for me, thanks. To those of you
who didn't, well hey, thanks for being honest, and maybe next year I'll
write something that you consider voteworthy. I'm looking forward to the
rest of the competition. If the impossible happens and I stay in the
race, great! If not, well hey, I'll still be around, and I'd encourage
you all to read kittytech's entries and give her your support.
There are a lot of people worthy of support, but Caroline's special, you


I can tell you that. None. that's why you're high and dry and I'm not.