Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Here We Go Again

I'm really sorry to do this again. I think it's turning out that the
thing I hate most about this LJ Idol business is the notion of begging
for votes. I don't like doing it, I despise myself when I do.

But it's come down to a runoff. Eight people got the same number of
votes as I did, but there's something about gold stars, I have no idea
what they're about, but because I didn't get any, it means I'm going
head-to-head with some other person and I have no idea how I'm going to
do, other than that at present this person is pulling ahead of me fairly

This is a checkbox poll, meaning that you can vote more than once, so I
could get 99% of the vote and still lose because this person got a
hundred. So, again, every single vote counts, and as much as I truly
hate doing it, I'm asking for your vote, unless you truly don't think
I'm worthy of it, in which case you should be true to yourself. To vote,
please follow this link; please choose the checkbox beside Brucetola, and only
that checkbox, and then click submit. Please, every vote counts, and if
I stand a chance I'll need everyone coming to the aim of the party.

That said, thank you again to all those who responded to my last plea. I
truly appreciate that more than words can say.
Tags: lj idol

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