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Well, another day, another 97¢ US.

this morning I got up a little before six. I don't like getting up that early, but for whatever reason, I did today. I called kittytech and we had a nice chat, then it was off to work.

Not a whole lot has been happening over the last while since the last update, hence the lack of a recent update. It's been very unseasonably cold here in the Peg, but it didn't seem as bad this morning.

Sunday at church was kind of interesting, it was called MGC (Morrow Gospel Church) Expo, and was basically representatives of all of our committees just giving an outline of what that committee does and so on, to give the rest of us awareness and something to pray about. We followed that up witha yummy lunch.

Corner Gas last night was good ... really, there's nothing much to report.
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