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Bruce, Caroline

corner Gas Withdrawal

Twenty more days. Twenty more days until season 4 of Corner Gas hits the airwaves. It can't happen soon enough for this fan. I've been going through severe withdrawall. I need my Corner Gas fix, and I need it now now now now now now now! It's tough. I've watched every episode heretofore at least five times, I've fantasized about my favorite CG character (I keep it clean), I've played the trivia, I've bought copies of the DVD's for my American friends ... I've done my part, but I need a new episode! I need a new show, just a little one. I won't get addicted, honest I won't, but I've gotta have a new episode!


I heard that Stephen Harper has filmed an appearance on the show. Should be interesting.
Realy? Now that's interesting. I suppose Paul Martin did it, so why not Harper? Anything else you've heard?
Nope...but here is the article in case you'd like to read it (YOU may even be able to make a cameo):

Stephen Harper Tapes Cameo for Corner Gas

Dog River rolled out the red carpet Tuesday as Prime Minister Stephen Harper showed up on set to film a cameo appearance in CTV's Corner Gas.

The storyline is still top secret, but CTV's eTalk confirmed that Harper will be playing himself in a cameo in the Gemini-nominated comedy.

The filming in Rouleau, Sask. was supposed to be a secret, but reporters got wind of the gig.

But the reporters were kept far back from the action, while in the distance Harper faced a scrum of fake reporters -- actors hired for the scene.

"He knew his lines, he had them down pat,'' said Virginia Thompson, an executive producer with the show.

"We had to take several different kinds of shots, but he actually never blew a line.''

Appearances on the show may be becoming a tradition for Canadian PMs: former prime minister Paul Martin also appeared on the show last year, with Corner Gas star Brent Butt asking him for a cabinet position.

Butt explained to eTalk what it takes to make an appearance on the hit comedy: "We'll take anyone here," he said. "I have buddies on the show."

Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert and former finance minister Ralph Goodale have also had walk-ons as themselves.

There are 19 new episodes of Corner Gas being prepared for the new season. Harper's cameo will air in the spring.
You'd better keep those fantasies clean sir! I will certainly have something to say about it if you don't! Lmsao! Hugs!
LOL No need to worry. HUGS