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Bruce, Caroline

Looking for a Writing Contest

I'm looking for some kind of a writing contest ... Something that has
similarities to LJ Idol, but maybe something that's a bit more fair in
the way it's handled, i.e. you don't lose a tie based on whether the
moderator saw fit to give you an arbitrary gold star or not, voting is
done based on merit and not on popularity, that sort of thing. If anyone
knows of something I might take a look at, please do let me know.


Why don't you start one?
Like the person above said, why don't you start one yourself? That way, you can choose eliminations, topics, and who participates.

As for the gold stars, they were only given out to people who showed a lot of enthusiasm or really helped Gary out in that particular week. Why not be rewarded for being a good sport/team player?

Look at it this way: I'm still in the competition, but I don't have a huge friends list. In fact, over half of my friends list are fellow Idolers or Idol fans that found me via Idol. I joined the competition for fun. I never thought I'd make it this far, but I did because people liked what I wrote. Believe me, I can tell when they don't like my work because my votes are lower than normal.

Please don't bash Idol. If you had ideas for fairness and didn't relay them to Gary or Kithan, then that's your own fault for not liking the game. Gary listens to what you have to say (he listened to me last week when I was talking to him about tribes).

Sorry this got so long... I tend to be a little long-winded sometimes. =/