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Bruce, Caroline

Emergency Poll, Please Help Settle a Bet

Before this becomes a fist-fight between me and the lovely kittytech, please help us settle this bet.

Poll #1127457 Please Settle a Bet

Is drinking hot chocolate in the summer time strange or weird in any way?



Bruce Bruce Bruce, make love not war. *grin*
You may only touch Caroline in love, no fists, or I shall have to put you in time out. :) *giggles*

Startling Revelation

Say, you're not a mom, by any chance, are you?

Re: Startling Revelation

Yeppers, I am definitely a mom, and if you need an LJ one, I'm it.
Its still tastey no matter what the time is
ESPECIALLY in (whispers) coffee!
It is our campfire drink of choice!
There are lots of folks who consider me insane.
The reason why, friends, is really quite plain.

I drink Cocoa in July; I drink Coke in January.
And Why? Because both drinks just make me quite merry.

And so, here's a toast to the creator of each drink.
They deserve to be placed in the hall of fame, I think.
For their creations have brought lots of happiness and joy,
To many many people, including this Wisconsin boy.
Well-said. And the way I see it, there's nothing like a nice Coke to warm you up during a Winnipeg winter.
Coca-Cola is great in all weather be it snow or rain or sun. A finer drink there never was.
Amen to that.