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Bruce, Caroline

Ode to Ketchup

The bottle is calling me,
"Come get me please.
I want to be eaten,
On a burger with cheese."

The anticipation's mounting,
And the seconds I am counting,
And my taste buds, they're on fire.

Green, purple, pink, orange, teal, and blue,
Thanks very much, but I think the red will do.
Barbecue sauce, well, that's fine,
But, oh Ketchup, you're divine!!!!!


As I sit here in Chicago
On this cold and wintery day,
I dream of having Braatwurst
With Ketchup in Green Bay.

And journeying to Milwaukee
Where I'd sit in the summer sun,
And eat a burger with Ketchup
On a sesame seed bun.
Oh Hale to Heinz and Hunt's,
For their wonderful creations.
For they have produced the thing called ketchup,
And brought joy to many nations.

So, up goes the bottle,
And on to my burger does fall,
The fine red stuff called ketchup,
The greatest sauce of all.