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Bruce, Caroline

Tribute to Coca-Cola

I hold the Looney in my hand,
It really is a thrill,
For it will buy more Coke that's canned
than pennies ever will.

I wouldn't say that coke is great -
Well, actually, I would,
I will say this, at any rate,
That darned stuff sure is good!

And now I'm at the coke machine,
The Looney soon will drop,
The button that I'll push will mean
That I'll soon have my pop.

The clicking of the relays in
This magical device
Preceed that glorious time I'll win
Tha prize as cold as ice.

And now the Coke is in my grasp,
I feel the condensation,
It opens with a fizzy gasp
Which mirrors my elation.

The liquid trickles down my throat,
The carbonation's great,
Coke will always have my vote:
For more I just can't wait!


Brilliant as usual darling! Hugs!