Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

I Hate UPS

I've mentioned my hatred of UPS before. Said hatred grows and grows. I have had a package shipped to me. It's scheduled to arrive today. The package is in Winnipeg. It is now in Winnipeg. To deliver it, they need to go from the airport to the downtown, it's maybe a ten-minute truck ride if they stop for coffee along the way. Now I get told that the package has experienced an exception due to adverse weather conditions. Let's see what those adverse weather conditions are, shall we? Okay, it's a little chilly. Okay, it's cloudy. Even so, visibility is ten miles. We are not in the middle of a snowstorm, people. Heck, it's not even snowing? What, have they resorted to delivering by bicycle? Was their service getting too reliable? Must've been. I've already seen them hold packages that were waiting in the city for three extra days so they would be sure not to deliver before the scheduled date. I wish I had a job with UPS. You get to stay at home in your jammies because there's a flake of snow on the ground!
Tags: rant

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