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Bruce, Caroline


Why are American companies so enamored with UPS? UPS is becoming a
bigger and bigger pain in the butt by the day! Now they want to broker
my Pac Mate through Customs for me. That will, no doubt, cost me an
absolute fortune.


Why are they wanting to do that? I thought that you didn't have to pay duty on equipment like that? This is getting incredibly ridiculous!!!
Because UPS is a bunch of ... well, they just are.
One thing we can agree on,
Both in Canada and the US,
Is that United Parsal Service,
Tends to make shipping a mess.
They find some way to mess things up,
And they do it quite a lot.
And the result of this constant effort,
Is we end up getting hot.
Since shipping and receiving packages,
Can sometimes be such a pain,
I have a neet suggestion,
Produced by my addled brain.
Let UPS and Federal Express,
Merge their two companies into one.
And then, we will have FEDUPS,
Which describes how they make us feel, Son.