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Bruce, Caroline

Good Morning

Okay, so this morning almost started off badly. I had this dream liast
night, you see. In it, my Handi-Transit driver got to my apartment ten
minutes early. Then he kept dropping other people off and picking up
more, dropping people off and picking up more. At about a quarter after
eight (I start work at 7:50) the driver's shift ended and a new driver
started driving. At around 8:45 or so the driver decided not to take me
to work, and dropped me off at home again. I go upstairs, but I'm
panicking. Apparently it hadn't occurred to me to call my employer to
tell her I'd be late, even though I had my phone right with me. But I
did want to let Caroline know what was going on; however, in this dream,
the only way I could let her know was using MIRC. But my synthetic
speech wasn't working, so I had to use a Cranmer-Modified Perkins
Brailler. Haven't seen one of those in twenty years, not since my first
year of college. So I satarted up MIRC, but the program wanted to spell
out MIRC using equals signs, and my Cranmer started printing this out, a
phenomenal waste of paper. That's when I woke up.

So I talked to Caroline for a bit, got dressed, and stumbled downstairs
to go to work. My Handi-Transit driver was about ten minutes early. Same
vehicle as the one in the dream. Thankfully, that's where the similarity
ended. Regretably, I got to work, and here I am. We have a meeting this
afternoon to discuss the braille Code changes that took effect in
January. Fun, fun, fun.


And now, I have to start my day too. I'm sitting here with both Taz and Cally, (Yes, that's Cally, not Hissy), cuddling with me, and I'm going to have to evict them. I'm just too mean!! SMILE!
Poor Taz. Hissy deserves to be evicted.