Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Good Morning

Okay, so this morning almost started off badly. I had this dream liast
night, you see. In it, my Handi-Transit driver got to my apartment ten
minutes early. Then he kept dropping other people off and picking up
more, dropping people off and picking up more. At about a quarter after
eight (I start work at 7:50) the driver's shift ended and a new driver
started driving. At around 8:45 or so the driver decided not to take me
to work, and dropped me off at home again. I go upstairs, but I'm
panicking. Apparently it hadn't occurred to me to call my employer to
tell her I'd be late, even though I had my phone right with me. But I
did want to let Caroline know what was going on; however, in this dream,
the only way I could let her know was using MIRC. But my synthetic
speech wasn't working, so I had to use a Cranmer-Modified Perkins
Brailler. Haven't seen one of those in twenty years, not since my first
year of college. So I satarted up MIRC, but the program wanted to spell
out MIRC using equals signs, and my Cranmer started printing this out, a
phenomenal waste of paper. That's when I woke up.

So I talked to Caroline for a bit, got dressed, and stumbled downstairs
to go to work. My Handi-Transit driver was about ten minutes early. Same
vehicle as the one in the dream. Thankfully, that's where the similarity
ended. Regretably, I got to work, and here I am. We have a meeting this
afternoon to discuss the braille Code changes that took effect in
January. Fun, fun, fun.
Tags: life
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