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Bruce, Caroline

Today So Far

Well, the morning passed. Nothing particularly, or even slightly,
exciting happened. Nothing bad happened either, so that's a good thing.

This cold spell is coming to an end. That's wonderful news. I think the
frigid weather for months on end has been largely responsible for my
mild depression of late ... I tell you again, you Americans, for the
most part, wonderful as you are, don't understand the meaning of the
world cold.

The 2008 CFL schedule was released
today. Soon, well okay, in June, my beloved Bombers will be hitting the field
again. My world will be complete. I love Canadian football, and I love
my Bombers.

I've brushed up on my presentation for this afternoon's meeting. I've
got it fairly easy. I assigned myself rule 2 of the Braille Formats
Course, preliminary pages. The only really new thing there is how we
braille ISBN's. So I expect my presentation to take all of, maybe, two
minutes. Bob went through the trouble of making handouts for his
presentations. Not I. What would my handout look like? Not a lot. I
wonder if they'll serve Coke at the meeting? I should be so lucky.

Wow, the radio's saying -6 as the high on Sunday. That's 21.2 for those
using the antiquated scale. Now I'm listening to the Perkins commercial.
They have a new seafood menu, I'm sure kittytech would love it,
ha ha. Here comes the sports report.

Okay, I guess I'm getting boring. Everyone have a great afternoon.


Oh well. It was good while it lasted. Once the Bombers start playing I'll be completely forgotten. GRIN! Maybe they should start showing American Idol at the same time as Bomber games. Then I could watch that while you're doing the Bomber thing. SMILE! And, I won't be checking out the Perkins new seafood menu any time soon. You got me to eat shrimp. What more could you possibly want from me? SMILE! *HUGS*
Yup, you'll drop off the face of my memory when the Bomber seasons starts. Yeah, it's too bad Amaerican Karaoke and Bomber Season don't coincide.