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Bruce, Caroline

Thank You, Almighty Government

You've gotta love it. The government says to us, "Thank you for
contributing to our economy. Thank you for the job you do, which helps
to make our job easier by making this one of the better places in the
world to live. As our way of saying thanks, the more you contribute to
the economy, the more you do for us, the more you do to pull your fair
share of the burden in this country, the more we'll charge you for the
privilege. And hey, if you don't contribute, you don't get charged."


actually call me weird but I don't mind paying tax at all. Paying tax means I'm employed and as much as I hate my job sometimes I am thankful to have one. Also when I was on government assistance both during college and after the failure of the federal levees I would have given my right arm to have a job and be able to pay tax. Not all people who live off the government want to be doing so. Sometimes life just happens. I totally sound like Polly-anna, and I don't mean to, and when I write out the check to uncle sam, I am not cheering or laughing. I am thankful that I can do it at all though.
Deep down, I agree with you, I think you know that. but it still hurts.