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Bruce, Caroline


The thought of tonight
Fills me with delight,
When I think of all that I'll do,
It fills me with enjoyment,
Much more than employment,
And a satisfied sigh, long and true.

Some say that men think
Too much of these things,
And I guess there's some truth in all that,
But what can I say?
I love it, yay-hey!
It's wonderful and that's a fact.

My mind is one-tracked,
That's the truth, quite exact,
Maybe I should not speak of it here,
But it brings so much joy
To this happy boy,
So I'll speak of it, yes, loud and clear.

So what will I be doing
That's so heart-renewing,
And fills me with calm, oh so deep?
Well what did you think?
Will I empty the sink?
No way, pal, I'm going to sleep!


Not bad Bruce, not bad. Actually rather enjoyable.
Now in your poetry tags over the next few entries, I'd like to see the following:

  • a three stanzaed limerick on the beauty of ketchup

  • a haiku followed by a sonet which reflects your adoration of a certain Wisconsin lass

  • a multiverse poem explaining to all of us who don't understand such things, the joys of smothering one's chicken in ketchup

  • 8 couplets expounding the virtues of Corner Gas

Come on, have at it.
<broad grins>
Good poem. I like it.
MK, I know my mind should never have gone down that road, but id did and I was like, "He's doing whaaaaaaaat?" OK, so, never mind...