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Bruce, Caroline

I Like Sleep

In some of my poems I have casually mentioned
the fact that I sure like to sleep,
This little song is more to the point,
So pass me a pillow
To my bed I'll leap,

I like sleep!
It makes me a jolly good fellow,
I like sleep,
It helps me unwind
And makes me snore just like a cello,
Just ... like ... a ... cello,
Thinking's too tough,
Therapy costs too much,
Exercise makes my muscles weep,
This little refrain
Should help me explain,
As a matter of fact
I like sleep!

My girlfriend complains
About how I abstain
From taking her out on a date,
I try my best,
But I need my rest,
So if she wants attention
She'll just have to wait,


Last night I dreamed
That I passef rom the scene,
I lay in the deep shade of a willow,
Some friends happened by,
And said, "Hey! We can fly!"
I said "No, guys, just hand me a pillow!"



Sleep good...

But caffeine much, much better. Just hook me up to the IV, please.
Hehehehehe! That's cute. Now, I want to hear a voice post where you actually sing this little gem.