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Bruce, Caroline

Fourteen point seven two nine


Um? What?
Just wanted to see what kind of response I'd get.

Some Whacked-Out Commentary on 14.729

Er...happy [early] Pi day??? though, methinks you have the wrong # (hehe); that would be 3.1415926...er...535...6? Argh! I used to have that memorized to almost 20 decimal places!

But, as a synesthete...your number looks just as beautiful: White, blue, green, brown, green (my 7 and 9 are the same color, oddly enough). *laughs maniacally* Before I typed that, I actually couldnt' remember the exact number you had written, but I tried to visualize the colors I saw and was able to successfully recover it! I love my little synesthetic brain!

Re: Some Whacked-Out Commentary on 14.729

So, can anyone else out there come up with a more interesting response than this??? Hehe. What does 14.729 mean to YOU? :-)