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Bruce, Caroline

Something I Don't Do Every Day

In a sense, today's a scary day. I'll be doing something I've never done
before. In a move reminiscent of that US governor, though hopefully much
less contraversial, I'll be putting my credit card down on the counter
and getting just about six grand charged to it. I know for some of you
that kind of money is nothing, but to me it represents years and years
of saving and denying myself some of the things I've wanted.

That's right, today I get my hearing aids. I have to pay up front, but
they do come with a 45-day trial period. But it's scary. I still
remember being a kid and my dad trying to teach me the value of a
dollar, let alone six thousand of them. But today's the day.


Good grief, I had no idea hearing aids were so expensive!

Good luck with your new ears. :c)
Hey, tht's great! I'm happy for you. *hugs*
oh good luck, you are in my thoughts. Let me know how it goes.
Hey, I'd be scared too. Even if you know that they are going to make many good improvements and hehlp you and make things easier, that's still a huge chunk of change. I know you've thought long and hard about this, and discussed it with those dearest to you, but I can understand the fear. I'm sure though that your dad is smiling and grinning down at you for doing this.
Affectionate hugs!
Wow. That's a lot of money to spend in one place. I hope your hearing aids work wonderfully for you!