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Bruce, Caroline

Popcorny Poll

Not as complex as hotdogs, not by a long shot, but tell me about the popcorn you like. Feel free to comment on any aspect of this amaising substance I've missed.

Poll #1154096 Popcorn Poll

The ideal popcorn comes from

An air popper at home
An oil-popper at home
A shake-on-the-oven popper at home, includes Jiffy-Pop
The microwave
A popcorn machine in a movie theater or store
A store in a shopping mall or similar venu that specializes in popcorn
Prepackaged bags
It doesn't matter where it comes from, as long as it goes back without me eating it
Other, please specify in comments

How often do you eat popcorn?

Often, often, often! Me want popcorn, me Popcorn Monster
On occasion
When I must
I won't touch the stuff; popcorn to me is like Pepsi to Bruce

What flavor of popcorn do you like?

Dry, plain
Sour cream and onion
Ketchup (it really exists)
Carmel corn
Kettle corn
Other, please specify in comments
I don't like popcorn

Will you visit www.carolineskittycorner.com?

Yes, already have.
Yes, I sure will.
You bet, it's on my to-do list.


You forgot cheese! Me want cheese popcorn! How could you forget cheese?

a suggestion

Hey. I suggested this to celrock and she seemed to think it was a good idea. Lots of folks are doing the daily poll thing, I think you were probably the guy that started it! LOL! Anyways, sometimes I get 3 or 4 people on my friends page doing polls and it kind of clutters things up. If it's possible, maybe you could put the poll behind a cut so that those who want to take the poll can, and those who don't want to can skip it if they aren't interested or just don't have time? It's a thought, hope you don't mind me making the suggestion. I also agree with the above post. Cheese popcorn is the best to me! Whenever I have it I make sure it's cheese popcorn!

Re: a suggestion

I'll consider the suggestion. May I suggest in turn that you utilize headings in your LJ? Tha way you can skip to the next entry with the letter H. I don't like the idea of using cuts for polls, but I'll think about it.

Re: a suggestion

Actually, The way I have my friends page set up, there aren't any headings but I do know the command for getting past the poll, it's b for JAWS and the letter c for window-eyes if i'm not mistaken. I just thought it might keep things down a bit. Remember, it's your lj and you do what you like but I thought i'd throw that out there.

Re: a suggestion

Good gracious almighty! How could anyone not at least look at Bruce's poles? They are so dang funny! I love them! If I had the power to pick only one person on LJ who was ever allowed to do poles again, Bruce would be my choice to do them.
Don't put the poles behind a cut Bruce please!begs the person who is positively addicted to the Brucetola poles! It would take me more time to get to them that way, and they're one of the highlights of my LJ experience! I cannot believe Toonhead would want to willingly make me suffer while I waited for the screen to repaint after entering on a link to Brucetola's pole behind the cut. I can't handle it, I gotta have my fix right now!!
No cuts no cuts no cuts!
you forgot cheese corn! mmm popcorn with cheese; if you make it at home you can use that parmason that comes in the can.
Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce !
Bruce ! I am ashamed of you! You forgot the best popcorn flavor of all time!
Cheddar Cheese popcorn! Yummy yummy yummy
50 lashes with a wet (because it has ketchup on it) noodle just for you!
Bad bad bad bad bad! Bruce!
Gimmee a coke please? :)
garlic! garlic and butter! cheeeeeeeeese!
I am really pissed off at you. I've been left out and it makes me feel hurt and betrayed.

Stomps foot.

I like garlic popcorn. I also like it with honey and butter.

I make it on a pot of oil on the stove.
Well, as long as I'm hurting and offending people, I might as well include you too just to show what an equal opportunity jerk I can be. Excuse me while I go back to eating broken bottles.
Oh yes, a complete jerk. Yes yes. I hope those are broken pepsi bottles?
Oh yeah, a broken Pepsi bottle is the best kind of Pepsi bottle.