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Bruce, Caroline

Everything Appears in Order

Well, it looks like everything's in order for my trip to Milwaukee. My
passport has been renewed, that went off without a hitch; my ticket is
purchased, that had about a zillion hitches but I think they've all been
dealt with. Caroline's taken the time off work, and so far she still has
most of it. I've taken the time off work and it's been approved. I've
got someone to take me to the airport. So here's hoping.


Yay!!! 18 days and you'll be here!! Okay, so 18 days and about two hours give or take, but you know what I mean! Glad the time is officially yours! *HUGS*
That's awesome that you are going to get to spend some time with Caroline! I hope that you have lots of fun! *hugs*
Sounds like all that's left to do is count the days. I'm so pleased you have this all set up.