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“Hi everyone, this is the Bruce Attola(?). I'm here in Manama Minnesota at the Shooting Star Casino and I thought I'd give you a quick update. It was a bit of a interesting time getting here yesterday in one respect. Not nearly as interesting as Caroline's trip to Kalamazoo(?) was but it was interesting none the less. I got to the restaurant where the bus was gonna be meeting us and just after I got there I realised I had forgotten my passport. Well a passport isn't necessary but you do need some sort of proof citizenship to get across the boarder and I had nothing and thankful my room mate was very very gracious and went and picked up the passport for me back at the apartment grabbed a cab and got there. So we got here ok and it is been very very incident free I had a really good dinner yesterday of burgers and fries and I've slept a lot and this morning for breakfast I had a really really yummy breakfast of sausage pat it taste like sausage patties of sausage patties toast and half browns and a lot of chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk and I've been reading structured books and sleeping I took out the money that I'm gonna be using for my Milwaukee trip so that's all taken care of and I have an extra ___ gambling I might you know throw a few dollars at the fans tomorrow but today my plan is just a veg and enjoy sleepitude in the words sleepitude S L E E P I T U D E for anybody transcribing this and so that's my my plan for tonight and just enjoying the facilities and relaxing. That was my main purpose for taking this trip and the fact that we got it really really cheap and tomorrow we leave I get back at 9:00 or so in the evening and that is about it from the land of Bruce Attola(?), have a great day and I'll talk to you or post to you all that some future time. Bye.”

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