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Bruce, Caroline

Voice Post

351K 1:44
“Hello, it's the Bristoling(?) yet again. And I just wanted to leave this voice post because I can. There's no real other reason for me doing so because there's nothing really has happened. But I'm having a good weekend. This is so much better than the last time I was here when everything seemed to go wrong. But it is a very good weekend and I'm getting a lot of relaxation and a lot of sleeping, a lot more sleeping. So yet more sleeping. If you've been reading my LiveJournal you know that I value my sleep. The books that I took with me are great. I bought a bunch of star trek books. This gives me a lot of variety I can preview some star trek star trek star trek star trek and if I get bored with that there's always some star trek I can choose. I love reading star trek I mean it's some kind of an absurd tradition that I started back in the 90s and I've never quite dumped it. It started back when Amidsam(?) had all these abridged faminineshifts(?) audio work star trek books read by star trek actors which was kind of cool even though I'm not a big fan of a of a b even though I'm not a fan of abridged books. But it's been lots of fun and the food has been good and what I can say? I'm really enjoying myself. So that's a good thing. Tomorrow I'm back. Monday is off, thankfully we can afford a weekend over here. So I'm really looking forward to just relaxing on Monday like hell I'm ma be back on Monday afternoon which is gonna be nice and all that good stuff. So you guys have a fantastic day whatever it is you're doing, and I will write to you or talk to you or do something later. Bye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post


Niiiice! I've always wondered what on earth you sounded like. Heh. I was laughing remembering how hugely I used to be into Star Trek novels, especially those having to do with Spock, for some reason. Well, I guess I'm still into them, though I tend in my reading to be more into non-fiction of late.

am totally ROTFL-ing at the auto-transcription of your voice post. It totally screwed up your name (brucetola) and Simon & Schuster and all of those other proper names. There were also some other really funny flub-ups that occurred. Hehe. You should so go and read it, if you haven't already. Note to self: Always hand transcribe voice posts or *that* will happen to you. Though...in a way, it would be kinda funny to have mine auto-transcribed once in a while, just to see what the Crazy Comp comes up with.
Oh yeah, I always find the auto-transcriptions hugely entertaining. It's also amazing just how acurate it can be, though, all things considered.
Hey, I have an idea! You should totally waste some voice post minutes and record random nonsensical words to see what the thing comes up with like, er, flibbity jibbit... LOL Unfortunately, I've already used up all of my vp time for this month, or I'd do it.