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Bruce, Caroline

LJ Captcha Update

Just a quick update. I have heard back from LJ Support on the audio
captcha issue. They stress that they do not wish to prevent blind people
from independently accessing LiveJournal. Apparently the audio captcha
system is in fact still in place. One need only enter the word "audio"
without the quotes to accomplish this. Unfortunately, the instructions
for doing this are currently not being displayed in an accessible
manner. LJ is aware of this and has promised to correct it as soon as is
practical. My compliments to LJ for their response in this regard and
their commitment to accessibility.


not to beat a dead horse but... accessible to whom exactly?
Because I've written to them before and seems that finding someone-- friend or family to fill in the box is good enough if you're deafblind; and that seems to be the attitude of the blind community as well.
You're right. We have a lot of problems here. First and foremost, I haven't seen anyone come up with a suitable idea that will maintain security while at the same time making accessibility possible for the deafblind. Second, you are so right that the so-called blind community doesn't seem to care. I have raised this fact repeatedly with Darrel Shandrow, who is probably the leading advocate for audio captcha, and his response is invariably, "We'll take what we can get." As much as I like Darrel, I'm afraid his attitude for many things, including accessible captcha and Bookshare, is "As long as I've got the access, my fight's over." I have been advocating for years for a deafblind-accessible captcha, because I fully expect to be there someday. So yes, your very real concern is ignored by many, but I promise you it isn't ignored by me, as you will have seen if you read the original message about the captcha problem.
Oh I wasn't addressing you in particular; I know that you have your own struggles in these areas. I don't know much about computer languages, heck it's all I can do to speak English, Tagalog and ASL and keep them straight. But I want to help, in any way I can. I want to find someone who knows how to make this happen. I guess part of it is that I have signed petitions, have made phone calls, written emails to help hearing blind people get access. Once they get theirs then the fight is over for them and my help is appreciated but not enough to make them want to keep fighting so that everyone can have equal access.
If you read through the comments in Darrel's journal in blindaccessjournal.com, you will see, and this is long before I knew who you were, that I have been raising the deafblind issue for years. I will not be happy until a method is found that is suitable for both the blind and the deafblind, I promise. I am only one person, but that is my stance.