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Bruce, Caroline

A Confession and Showers of Blessing

I guess we all, as people, have our shortcomings. One of my many is an irritating habit of not letting things go. Something might be funny for the first few seconds, and I'll keep beating the proverbial dead horse.

It doesn't matter what the situation was, I was guilty of that this evening when talking to Caroline. Very quietly, very politely, very tactfully, very lovingly, she pointed out what I was doing, and I immediately saw that she was right. Of course, it'd've been beter if I'd figured it out beforehand, rather than after, but at least I did figure it out.

Some people would have taken advantage of the situation, made me feel guilty, gotten angry with me, and so on. But not Caroline. She just forgave me and we moved on from there. Talk about a wonderful, loving, beautiful, incredible lady. It's hard to envision myself worthy of this unparalelled blessing, but I have been blessed, and I am so thankful for Caroline in my life, what she means to me, and how much I love her. May I never take her love for granted, may I never abuse it, may I always strive to be worthy of that love.


That's what a relationship is all about; Lovingly pointing out something constructively. I'm glad things are going so well for you guys.
I have that letting go problem too. I may laugh at something for way too long, and I've been known to not be able to let go of something negative that happened to me either. It's hard sometimes.
i love reading your posts about caroline. you two are clearly perfect for each other. it makes me happy.