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Bruce, Caroline

Question of the Day

Tell me about your idea of the perfect evening with the person you love,
whether you speak from experience or from the depths of your


I really need to answer these on my personal journal, because I've run out of things to write about. So I'm glad you're posting these questions, because sometimes I feel at a loss for what to write about. Thanks. take care.
Hmmmm... perfect is when the kids are very happy and well behaved... we have a low key dinner all together at the same time, each of us asking prompt questions to the kids in turn... a fun game and a silly movie, a somewhat early bedtime for them with no argument... a half hour or so on the porch just listening to the night, relaxing, no talking necessary... then off the the 'grownups' tv for favorite shows on DVR, serious snuggling, chocolate in bed and no 'real world' interruptions... maybe there's more, and maybe there isn't, but already it's perfect.

You have good questions.
hhmmm, let's see. I think our perfect evening would be out on a boat in the middle of some large body of water. It would be quiet so we could communicate using voice without all kinds of stress. There would be loads of yummy food, and fun swimming around in the water before dinner. Then after dinner and drinks maybe a game of monopoly or cards and some snuggles.

man I sound like an old fart.
You do, but we love you.

Waxing Romantic

This has thus far never happened, but my ideal evening out with that "perfect" guy would be...

We'd go out to a very fancy fine dining restaurant with low lighting and flickering candles on every table. As we sat eating and sipping fine wine, there would be a violinist seranading us with Moon River (the song which was played in one of my favorite chick flics -- Kate and Leopold!) whilst the two of us spoke of life and love and all of those substantial things that actually matter. His voice and his words would never cease to enchant me as we experienced a closeness beyond all comprehension.

OK, I'll stop now; I'm becoming too terribly sappy.