Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

My Favorite LJ User

This is my response to the free topic in therealljidol.

Who is my favorite LJ user? The quick first guess might be kittytech. And why not? She's my girlfriend, the love of my
life, right? Well absolutely she is, but no, I think my favorite LJ user
is me. I say this not to be vain, but for several other reasons.

First, I put a lot of time and some money into this LJ. The time is
considerable, and while the money is neglegeable, it is still money. Why
would I put this investment into an LJ that wasn't my favorite?

Secondly, I want people to enjoy my efforts. If I am to achieve this
goal, I have to like it, I have to be enthusiastic about it. If
I'm not, my LJ turns into something like the kid in the Cheech and Chong
routine writing about what he did on his summer vacation. you know, "I
woke up. Then I went downtown. To look for a job. Then i hung out in
front of the drugstore." And so on.

So that's why I'm my favorite LJ user: not because I vainly believe my
LJ to be better than anyone else's, I know better than that. But I
believe that if I am not my favorite LJ user, this whole thing is an
exercise in futility.
Tags: lj idol

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