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A New Contest

I have decided to start a contest for all those interested. And I'll even offer a prize. It's the Brucelike Poll Contest.

Between now and Friday, April 11, I want people to come up with a poll for their LJ. Whoever can come up with a poll that most resembles the sort of poll I'd come up with will win a $10 Amazon gift certificate. If you are in Canada, it will be, if you are in the States, it will be, if you are in the UK it will be a 5-pound certificate from If you use a different Amazon, we'll negotiate an equivalent. The judge for this contest will be kittytech. You must link your entry to this entry in a comment. Again, you have until Friday April 11. If you want help either creating your poll or linking to this entry in a comment, just ask kittytech or me and we'll be glad to help. Good luck.
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