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Today Will Be Rough

I went to bed at around ten last night, which was fine. But I woke up at a quarter after two this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I don't know why. I'm not worried about anything, things are going well in my life. Maybe I'm just excited that, as of tomorrow, I get almost three weeks off work, much of which time will be spent visiting kittytech in Milwaukee. Also, back when I was having my sleep troubles, this was generally the time of year when they would manifest themselves.I had really better not have a repeat of tat situation. What cured it at the time was Melatonin, and I have that now.

On another note, one of the things I had time to do while not sleeping was listen to this week's Dr. Demento Show. The Doc played my request, which is cool. I subscribe to the Demento Online Club, which lets me stream the shows in 128-bit stereo, which isn't too bad. I wish I'd lived in Los Angeles back in the days when Dr. Demento was onlive for four hours on KMET. I just think that would have been so cool. I was listening yesterday to an archive show from 1980, where Weird Al first sang Another One Rides the Bus live on the Dr. Demento Show. It was that recording that was used on his self-titled first full-length album, and it was neat hearing it in context. So many things I would like to go into the past and either live or relive. Ah well, all we have for certain is the present, at least in an earthly sense.

I want it to be 4:30, I'm already exhausted.
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