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Bruce, Caroline

Do You Believe in Miracle Whip?

Please settle another argument between kittytech and me.

Poll #1169821 Whipping Up a Little Controversy

Which is better?

Miracle Whip
Never tried one, the other, or both

Does Miracle Whip taste like salmon?

Sure does, I've always thought so.
Not that you mention it, it kinda does, yes.
Never tried it or have no opinion.
No, I can't say I agree.
No it doesn't, you're nuts.

Complete this sentence: My idea of a monument to toilet paper



I will abstain from this pole for two reasons, in list format.

  • You leave no room for indifference. I've had both and could go either way.

  • One of these days, you will learn not to argue with the girlfriend. Especially when she does the cooking in the relationship. In the meantime... feed such sillyness, I shall not. 'Tis for your own safety.

drinking a coke

So, I've finally taken the time to look around on Live Journal--I haven't in a really long time! My husband, Mark, is working today, and Austin is sleeping, so I have some time to spare. I loved the polls from both you and Caroline. I hope you're enjoying your visit, or enjoyed it if it's over. Oh, yeah, this is Caroline's friend, Missy, in case you haven't figured it out! Just wanted to say hi.