Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

More on the Unified English Braille Code

Blind people really need to take a shot at informing themselves about the Unified English Braille Code. There is so much misinformation floating around. I'm hearing things like, "Oh, as long as we don't lose any of our contractions", or "as long as it doesn't make braille bulkier". I've got news for you, people, with the UEB, we *do* lose contractions, it *does* make braille bulkier. If you do any mathematics at all, say goodbye to Nemeth code and any numbers in the lower part of the cell; if you do any stuff in computer braille code, say goodbye to those lower-part-of-the-cell numbers and so on as well. Say goodbye to the way you're used to doing blocks of capitalized or italicized words. If this is what blind people really want, fine, I was wrong, and I'll accept the wishes of the majority. But at the moment we have a bunch of egos in high places, many sighted, equating apathy among blind people with acceptance of UEB. If it gets rammed down our throats due to apathy, I suppose we have only ourselves to blame. But I've been fighting this for close to fifteen years now. I've been insulted, called uninformed, threatened, labeled as anti-braille, and more. And out of any ten people I ask about UEBC, I mean ten braille readers, eight will tell me they've never heard of UEBC, the ninth has heard of it but never looked at it, and of the remaining ten percent who have looked at it, those in favor tend to belong to the organizations that are pushing UEB. I'm willing to accept UEBC if that's what the people want. But I'm not willing to accept it simply because they didn't care and let it be shoved down our throats. I care.
Tags: rant

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