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So, let's see, heading into the second day of my second week of holidays, what have we learned? Well, for starters, life's an awful lot more relaxed when I finish my radio show days early instead of, well, an hour before airtime. What a concept, this getting stuff done in advance. I'm not sure I want to make it a habit, being prudent with my time. It may just give me a reputation I'd have to live up to, and then where would I be? No, laziness has its advantages, not the least among them being the low expectations of others. I'm kind of like the Toronto Maple Leafs of boring guys: the world expects nothing of me, and they get it. Why is it Maple Leafs and not Maple Leaves, or just "losers", for short?

I've learned so much else, some of which I can divulge publicly (i.e., if your mom comes over and heats potatoes on your stove, be sure the element is turned off after she leaves; if she wants to try out your George Foreman grill, be sure it's assembled before plugging it in and depositing meat in the thing), and others I'm best off keeping to myself (like the fact that ..., and of course the fact that ..., and who can forget the fact that ...! That last bit of information is particularly juicy, I bet you wish I'd divulge it.

I have learned that when an irresistable force, i.e, the fact that my "new" laptop computer has finally arrived at work and is waiting for me to pick it up, meets an immovable object, i.e., the fact that I don't want to set foot in the building while I'm on holidays, so far at least the immovable object is winning. This may change by the end of the week, since Amazon has just kindly informed me that a talking book on CD I ordered has been shipped and (there's always a down side, isn't there?) my credit card mercilessly charged appropriately.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that ...? I'm not sure I did, but it does deserve a mention here.

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