Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

The Ballad of Twitter

Late last year, Caroline and I started hearing from a lot of people about this great new service Twitter. So, after a few people started bugging us to join, we did.
We fell in love with the service. Basically, you get a bunch of people who also use Twitter to add you, you add them, then you start shooting messages to each other. We were hooked. It was the best thing since sliced Coke.

The love affair lasted about three days. It started to get inconvenient, then annloying. I really don't care when someone else on my Twitter list wants to use the bathroom or go for a smoke break or whatever. It just got stale, boring, and annoying very fast.
I'm reading of a lot of people now who are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon and loving it. I just smile, sit back, fall off my chair, sit down again, not leaning back so far, and wait. In about a week, $20 says they'll be bored or annoyed to death with it.
Tags: rant

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