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Bruce, Caroline


I found out last week that the management in our building has given us
an ultimatum. Either we have our dishwasher professionally installed, by
a certified plumber, or we stop using it.

Our dishwasher is a portable. I don't even know if it can be
professionally installed, or how, or just what it is they want of us, or
why. Frankly, I'm just too tired to fight this battle, and my roommate
refuses to be of any help. So I guess my only real option, if I haven't
the energy or the understanding to fight this battle, is to start doing
dishes by hand. I was going to just bite the bullet and pay to have the
thing installed, but the trouble is, no one can understand exactly what
management wants from us or why. My personal theory is that they're
trying to push us out so they can get more moneyfor the place. What
bothers me is that my roommate is probably quite willing to leave. I'm
just tired!


I'd be all over management like a dirty shirt if it was me. Just tell 'em straight out. It's a portable dishwasher. Emphasis on *portable*. Meaning there's no instalation. They can either suck it up or lose the legal fight to evict you.