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Bruce, Caroline

The Downside of HearingAids

I've been meaning to bring spare hearing aid batteries with me to work
for some time now. So today I get to work, and what do I hear?Beep,
beep! Low battery indicator. Do I have spares? No, I do not. I can
really be a total idiot sometimes.


getting caught with no batteries

I hate getting caught with no hearing aid batteries! And usually it is when I need my aids badly (e.g. I'm in a very busy environment and can't hear the person next to me).
No, you can be a total human sometimes. Hugs!
lol I can't even hear the warning beeps; I'm so deaf. I only realize they've died when the world goes quiet-- or should that be quiet-er. If you bring your packmate to work with you every day, there is a zipper little thing on the case that is perfect for such things as packs of HA batteries. My dog has mine in her cape.