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Bruce, Caroline


My mind floats back, now to that night,
You lay there, right beside my resting place,
I grabbed your soft, sweet beauty in my arms,
And held you, an incredible embrace.

It had been a hard day, and I sure was tired,
And you were there, not judging, just sincere,
My energy so spent, yes, so expired,
Yet I felt much stronger knowing you where here.

You warmed my body, as you covered me,
You asked for nothing, nothing in return,
You made my spirit soar, so high and lofty,
And for more of you my heart did yearn.

Oh yes, dear blanket, you are always there,
So to you now I write this sentiment,
It's my blanket, and I'll never share,
So reader, tell me what you thought I meant!


Aww! how sweet. I thought it was a nice romantic poem about Caroline. I wonder how she feels knowing you have romantic thoughts about your blanket instead of her. Hehehehehehehe
OMg, you have no idea where my mind was originally going as far as the subject of that poem! LOL Or...maybe you do have some idea. Heh. Great stuff.
LOL! Now that was great! And I was wondering...
until you mentioned the blanket i thought that you were talking about caroline! anywho, it was a really good poem!
Of course, enjoying a blanket,
can be a healthy thing.
On a cold winter's night we know,
The comfort it's embrace can bring.
Just remember, fellow Coke Drinker,
When your girlfriend is on the scene,
Be sure to embrace her and not the blanket,
Or she'll turn three shades of green.