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Bruce, Caroline

The return of One Guy's Thoughts

Those of you who know me know that I have, for some years no, written a series of commentaries called One Guy's thoughts, the archives for which can be found at my Website, www.ogts.net.

I've taken a break from these commentaries for a while, but as of this weekend, the Commentaries are back in all their glory (such as it ever was).
If you would like to receive these once-weekly commentaries by e-mail, which is what I prefer since it gives me an idea of who's reading them, and haven't already subscribed to the mailing list, all you need do is send an e-mail to 1guysthoughts-subscribe@ogts.net. You'll get a confirmation message, to which you simply reply and you're set. Since I maintain the list myself and have complete control over it, I can assure you of a spam-free experience and your e-mail address will under no circumstances be used against you, i.e. sold or divulged. If you realy don't want to receive the commentaries by e-mail, but would rather view them on the Web, my Webmaster will update the Website each week with the new commentaries.

These commentaries deal with any topic I find interesting. Topics in the past have ranged from capital punishment to ketchup and anything and everything in between. So please, if you're interested, I'd love to have you on board.


Woot! I can't remember whether or not I've already subscribed. Huge hugs!
In fact, you have not. You'd be scoring major brownie points if you do.