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Bruce, Caroline

Less than a Month

Amid the drudgery of life, there is a dim ray of hope, one that steadily
grows. Bomber pre-season football
starts up on June 12th. Last year I gave up the Grey Cup, with the
Bombers playing in it, for kittytech, but this year, I'll be
parked at my computer or the radio for every game as broadcast on CJOB radio. My Bombers will be back
soon!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget baseball, forget American football, this is real


Hang on a sec. Forget baseball? Some things I can forgive you for. Like your catsup obsession. But this... this is war.
I win Baseball sucks. End of story.
Canadian football is for panzy-ass wusses. :P
At least Canadian football has some action. Listen to a baseball game. About 5 minutes of things actually going on, and the announcer spens the remaining two hour talking about the players, their families, which school they went to, the state of the team, their plans for the weekend, and how exciting last night's game was, which was identical to this one. Yawn, yawn, yawn. I can get the same crap by listening to CBC Radio 1.
So watch hockey instead. Canadian football's still for panzy-ass wusses. Baseball's only tops on the list at the moment because hockey's done.
Oh yeah, hockey. Who's broken who's neck this week? I can stomach hockey, but it's not a real sport like Canadian football.
You're right. It's a real man's sport, unlike Canadian football.