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Bruce, Caroline

Still Here

I'm still here. I've just been very tired lately. Monday was a bad day,
but the rest of the week has actually gone by quite nicely, no
complaints, just tired. I'm taking tomorrow off for my birthday, and I'm
taking Monday off as well, for an extra-long weekend. I hope I'm still
pulling my fair share of the weight in the apartment and elsewhere. I
just need lots and lots of rest.


happy birthday 364-days early

When I use lj, I never really read the front page that comes up. I just go to the friends page link and read it. Although vaguely aware a list of my friends and their birthdays were on that front page, I didn't really look at it.
As a result, I missed wishing you a happy birthday this year. I figure I'm probably going to miss it next year, but if I acknowledge it now, then I won't have missed it after all.
to, so here's a happy birthday for next year. I hope it's the best birthday ever, though not sure how one could top a surprise visit from ones girlfriend.
Hope you are well.