Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Missing Caroline

There's not a place in my apartment where she hasn't been. So no matter
where I go in my apartment, I'm encountering a place where she was, a
place where she sat, something she touched, something she held. Unworthy
though I am, I have this incredible love from an incredible woman.
Please, please don't let me abuse that love, please, please don't let me
blow it, destroy what I've been given. If I'm left to my own devices,
I'll wreck it, I know me, I know I'd find some way to bungle the whole
thing. It's only through God's help that I stand a chance. She's been so
wonderful to me, and I am so blessed. She was willing to ride the buss
for 37 hours total just to spend a weekend with me. Now that's love. And
I return that love, boy do I return that love. I just miss her so much.

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