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Bruce, Caroline

This Really Sucks

So now I set up this new computer. Seems to be going fine. Except for one little thing: I can't get anything to install. If I try running SAToGo, it just hangs. If I try running JAWS, I get some sort of setup package error. The file's fine, I tried the same CD on another computer. I'm set up as an administrator. I really don't have a clue at this point. Nothing will install. Everything else seems to be running just fine. I dunno.


silly question

You've probably been asked this before, but are you running vista?
If so, have you shut off the UAC (User anoyance Cog?) Jaws should acknowledge the UAC dialogue: it does on my machine, but it's the only thing I can think of that would cause you not to be able to install things as admin.

Re: silly question

Yes, I'm running Vista. I haven't turned off the UAC, but the problem doesn't manifest itself until after I choose continue from the UAC dialog. I'll take all questions, silly or otherwise, at this point. And that was not a silly question.