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Bruce, Caroline

God is Good

There was a time when the computer trouble I'm having would have consumed me, quite literally. Despite my not beingable to change it, it would have consumed me and prevented me from thinking clearly about much else. But I have made a concerted effort to put this whole situation in God's hands this time, and asked Him to not allow me to be consumed by that over which I have no control. I must say, He's been coming through big-time, and I praise Him for that. Of course this thing's still bugging me, I simply don't have a clue as to what could be causing this problem. But it's not consuming me. Thankfully, I haven't been taking it out on kittytech, or at least I hope I haven't. I saw one suggestion on an e-mail list that looked promising, but unfortunately that wasn't the problem.

But the important thing is that God has really helped me to not be controled by my frustrations. It's only a computer. I have the laptop for talking to Caroline with, until this gets straightened out. I could even use the Pac MAte, if it came down to it. God truly is incredible, and I give Him the glory.


I'm happy for you. It's awesome when we can let go and trust, and it's so hard to learn, or it was for me, and hard to keep it going.
Oh you know it. I hope I can keep this up, though, it's much easier this way.