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Bruce, Caroline

It's Clammy Inside

With apologies to Debbie reynalds and Stan Freberg, here is my parodey
of "Tammy":

Why do I feel just as though I had died?
Clammy, clammy, it's clammy inside,
Humidity levels have risen sky-high,
Clammy, it's clammy, I wanna cry.

The stickiness, the ickiness,
Make breathing tough,
I wish I were home right now,
'Twould not be so rough,

So if I could change how the air feels right now,
Clammy, clammy, less clammy somehow.


LOL! It's hot here too, but it's dang dry! Good one dear!
Tammy!!! That is like my most favorite song in the world! It is so cute and sentimental and stuff! Of course, I generally love music from that era anyway, so...