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Bruce, Caroline

Computer Update

Here's the latest on my new computer. It appears to be only screen readers that do not work with this machine. I've tried SAToGo, Window-Eyes, and my screen reader of choice, JAWS. Other programs install without problem. I'm both getting better and better at using Narrator, and hating it more and more, simultaneously.

It must be something with the display adaptor, it's the only solution I can come up with. If I can ever figure out how to re-enable the integrated video card and disable the ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro, I think I'll try that.

Caroline is really emphasizing that she feels I should brave trying to deal with Dell tech support. What are they going to know about screen readers? I've got an e-mail in to Freedom Scientific, in which I have told them everything I can think of that might possibly be relevant. I can't call them from work, and besides, they work during the same hours I do, basically. This really sucks. First I unknowingly buy a computer that can't be expanded with the goodies I bought for it, then the thing won't even work. It's enough to make a grown man cry, but as it is I feel like such a bungling fool, utterly unable to get the slightest thing right. I feel very much like a money-wasting failure.


dell tech support

It all depends on the time of when you call, I realize it isn't convinent to call between eight and four per say. I'd rather deal with Dell though, Freedom's tech support is only about lining their pockets, after all they're not even owned in the US anymore. I'd rather have a dead hard drive because of a video card that won't work, then deal with their support. Try the weekend, or try the holiday. Just be confident in what you want. And be assertive, and clal them on anything that doesn't sound right. Worse comes to worse just ask for someone esle Yes, I'm difficult, and I like being so..

Re: dell tech support

Well at least FS doesn't outsource their tech support, like Dell does. I remember some rather frustrating exchanges with Dell tech support from India back when I had one. Does it really matter who owns FS, after all?

Re: dell tech support

I'm not American. What does that make me?