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Bruce, Caroline


Why does coffee have to stink so disgustingly much? Makes me want to



Coffee is the most wonderful smell in the world! I think I'll go make a big pot!

Re: coffee

Well, I'll start a skunk farm. The smell would be less offensive. All I'll say is I'm glad you're way over there and I'm way over here.

Re: coffee

May I have some too please? I'm in dire need of some. Bruce does not know what he is missing ! The smell, the taste,the experience of just holding a cup of coffee..well...it's an experience that is so fabulous that there are not any words!

Re: coffee

I know precisely what I am missing. Precisely. Go into my brother's pig barn. Underneath teh barn is this big pit, chalk full of coffee.
You dare insult coffee? He who will actually sit through a flippin' football game dares to insult coffee? Oh, now it's on, boy. :P
Well, you've cheered me up, thank you. You've reminded me that the day after tomorrow, I can sit back witha non-stinky coke and listen to Bob Irving calling a Bomber game again. Ahhhhhh. Football. Bombers!!!!!
Speaking of complete crap...
At least your'e being honest. Totally wrong and misguided, true, but honest.
Because coffee lovers had to make it smell that way just for those of us who can't stand it so that we know it's there. GRIN!!!!