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Bruce, Caroline

More on the Devolutionof the Language

I know, I've gone on about this before.But today it's buging the crap out of me and, this being my LJ, I'll talk about it if I want to.

The use of incorrect grammar is really bothering me today. I'm seeing just about everyone use "a" when they mean "an", and over the past few weeks, more and more people have started saying "don't" as opposed to "doesn't". So-called creative spelling has sunk to new lows, particularly among blind people. Why send these people to school if your intent is to not teach them anything? Seems like a phenomenal waste of tax dollars to me. Typos are bad enough. I make those all the time, and nobody is more frustrated by them as am I. But outright lack of knowledge of basic spelling? It's inexcusable. But it's as though Jed Clampett and his family had taken over the school system. Yee hah, we done don't have to study our timeses and our guzintahs, we's all goin' to the see-ment pond while there are still people in the world who know how to make them. People are just stupid,really stupid.


I am *so* glad that I am not the only one who goes on such rants. The "a"/"an" situation, as I may have mentioned before, really bugs me as well. I hear virtually everyone anymore of all regions and social / economic / professional classes doing this, whether it be in formal or informal settings. Ideally, I am very much a linguistic "purist" though the pragmatic side of me is forced (and I do mean *forced*) to admit that language changes and that "an", contrary to all phonological sense, is dropping out of the language. *sighs deeply*
Me gots to agree with ya about a lot of this. :)
Actually, bad spelling irritates me, but what I cannot abide is the a versus an problem. It drives me wild when people say a when they're supposed to use an or vice versa.