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Bruce, Caroline

Another Computer Update

Well, turns out Serotek hadn't gotten my e-mail to support, so I called
them today. Thankfully, they have a toll-free number I was able to call
from work, and it works from Canada. I talked to their tech support guy,
and his first question was whether or not this computer is running a
64-bit operating system. I had checked this once before, and I was sure
it said 32-bit operating system, but now I'm not so sure.I have to give
Serotek top marks for courtesy and willingness to help.


Dell doesn't sell 64-byt Windows, so you're pretty safe there.
I wish it did. That would be the answer to my question. But I guess it's something else. What, is beyond me.
Haha. Actually that would be so many degrees more headache for you. driver availability for 64-byt Windows is still questionable at best.

I still say reinstall the video and/or audio drivers and see what happens. Alternatively, whipe the system and go from a clean Vista install. It'll probably save you some stress in the long run anyway.
Would I have a lot of driver concerns if I did a clean Vista install? That is what is concerning some people about this prospect.
You should be able to get most of them off the support site, so long as you've got your service tag. What the support site doesn't have is probably built into the OS already.
How about going back to xp? It works, man. I won't touch Vista with a 39 and a half foot pole.
Oh no, I love Vista. Vista's great, wouldn't go back.