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What's the Date?

Okay, this Friday the Thirteenth [insert unthinkable expletive here] will never make sense to me. The days of the month are arbitrary. I mean, since the leap-year was invented, everything shifts every four years anyway. So someone tell me, please, how you could possibly explain
  • (a) how a certain arbitrary day of the week falling on an even more arbitrary day of the month could possibly makethe slightest bit of difference, and
  • (b) why any being, force, or whatever would bother with something so ... so ... so ... I can't even come up with a word for it.

I think I'll go walk under a ladder or two, throw some salt over my shoulder, go down to the Humane society and buy a few dozen black cats to ensure that they cross my path, break a mirror or two, and step on all the sidewalk cracks I can find.

Now, my tongue is largely inmy cheek in this message. I realize that I also have beliefs and ideas that probably seem sily to some, so be it. But if anyone can come up with a logical, rational explanation why it should matter a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys what day of the month/week it is, I'll be very interested indeed.
Tags: rant

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